Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

Increase your kitchen's efficiency and productivity.

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Display Formats

If you have always thought about trying a KDS Heartland Restaurant makes ticket management easy and efficient.

KDS No New Tickets

Ticket is up for...

If configured, when orders are bumped from the KDS, Staff and/or customer’s will be notified their order is ready. Options include ​None​, ​Notify Staff In App​, ​SMS Message Guest​(Requires SMS Notifications to be enabled and that a phone number was entered), or ​Both​.

Staff Notification

Kitchen Labels

SMS Notification for Customer

Print Voids If enabled orders that are voided will display on the KDS for this format. There will be VOID in red indicating it is a void for the entire ticket. If only certain items are voided they will be crossed out showing the void.

Item Void

KDS Item Void

Ticket Void

KDS Ticket Void

KDS Font & Color Options

Under each ​Kitchen Group​ for the ​Display Format​ you can select a Unique ​Primary​ and ​Secondary Font​ ​Type ​and ​Size​.

Primary Font → Items

Secondary Font → Modifiers

Kitchen Groups

Primary Color → Items

Secondary Color → Modifiers

Show All Day

Display all current items on the KDS in one scrollable list. Once items are bumped/removed, they will ​not ​show in this total. This is useful for items that are made to order in certain restaurants.

KDS Consolidation

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